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Ultra-Tec Hi-Power LED Flashlight/Lantern

Ultra-Tec Hi-Power LED Flashlight/Lantern


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The ultimate budget flashlight/Lantern combo on the market today! This unit is perfect for the outdoorsman who wants a rechargeable unit without breaking the bank. The flashlight has a maximum of 100 lumens and 70 lumens respectively for the lantern. Simple enough to use when you need to light up a small area but powerful enough to allow the user to have light for up to 8 hours in lantern mode! The 4 hour run time for the flashlight will suit most needs until a recharge is needed

  • 2 Mode switch
  • 100 Lumens in flashlight mode
  • 70 Lumens in lantern mode
  • 8 hours run-time in lantern mode
  • 4 hours run-time in flashlight mode
  • Rechargeable by DC 5B micro-USB
  • DC 5V USB output for cellular charging
  • Built-in over-charging and over discharging protection circuitry
  • Rugged ABS construction


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