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Hi Viz Luminous LitePipes

Hi Viz Luminous LitePipes



• Charged by UV or any light source
• 1 minute charge = 15 minutes of brightness or more
• Brighter alternative to tritium when fully charged
• Perfect for transitional light times
• An affordable, innovative alternative to tritium
• Interchange Luminous LitePipes with any other HIVIZ interchangeable LitePipes



Turn your favorite LiteWave handgun sight into a low-light performance tool with the simple snap-in of the new HIVIZ Luminous LitePipe!

Luminous LitePipes combine the same daylight brightness of traditional HIVIZ LitePipes with a new proprietary luminous core.

This patent-pending luminous core offers unsurpassed brightness when fully charged, even in complete darkness.

The fast-charging technology will keep the sight illuminated for 15 minutes with 1 minute charge with a flashlight.

Experience unbelievable brightness during the day, dusk or night with new HIVIZ Luminous LitePipes.