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Hi Viz Handgun Front Sight

Hi Viz Handgun Front Sight



  • Part number GL2014
  • HIVIZ interchangeable LitePipe front Sight
  • Includes green, red and white Litepipes
  • All steel construction
  • LitePipe diameter 0.090
  • Blade Height 0.160 X 0.125 wide
  • Factory height front sight compatible with factory rear sight
  • Limited lifetime warranty under normal conditions and proper use of firearm
  • Replacement LitePipe Handgun version #5
  • Fits All Glock Models.
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Improve the performance of your Glock with the new LITEWAVE® sight.

Our bright and ultra-durable LITEWAVE® sights will enhance your confidence and shooting experience.

Comes with red, White and green fibers.