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Edge Custom Eclipse Holster Glock 17/19/22/23/31/32

Edge Custom Eclipse Holster Glock 17/19/22/23/31/32





Appendix (front of the body) Inside Waist Band holster made from kydex.

Aluninium torque concealment claw tucks the grip closely into your body for better concealment.

Optics cut accepts pistols with slide-mounted optics mounted.

Extra high sight channel allows for suppressor height / co-witness height sights

Adjustable riding height

Adjustable cant

Tuckable clips allow your shirt to be tucked in over the pistol.

1.5″ Nylon injection molded over the belt loops.


Fits Glock 17 / 19 / 22 / 23 / 31 / 32


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